Do you have a gif for when Dave danced Take On Me by A-Ha? (okay,he didn't actually dance that much but he was so cute)


Way ahead of you!


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24 Hours of Trivia

(Answer to previous question: Glamour gloves)

Question: What nickname did Janeane Garofalo give Chris Shiflett as they were getting their tattoos?

Hey there, I’m Nate and this is my little segment lesser known bands, and probably lesser known videos. And basically all the bands I like, or most of them, fall into that category. So, uhh, first of all what the hell are you doing up right now? You have no business being up

Nate Mendel - always the voice of your dad telling you to go to bed.
24 Hours of Foo. (via betterwithraptors)

24 Hours of Trivia

Question: What did Taylor call the hydrating glove put on his hand during the “mansage” segment?