Foos solving some crossword puzzle.

Is there a link to all of 24 hours of foo? I tried but all I could find was part 1 and 2


You won’t find the whole thing on YouTube because it’s just too big and the segments too awesome to be contained in one file. If you have the software and the download allowance, you can get it as a torrent here or here. Or, find someone on Tumblr who has it on DVD and they might burn a copy for you!

Do you have a gif for when Dave danced Take On Me by A-Ha? (okay,he didn't actually dance that much but he was so cute)


Way ahead of you!


Presenting the newest addition to the Fooseum


24 Hours of Trivia

(Answer to previous question: Glamour gloves)

Question: What nickname did Janeane Garofalo give Chris Shiflett as they were getting their tattoos?